1材料yabo88.vip与工程学院唐祁峰Smelting   reduction of MgO in molten slag by liquid ferrosilicon
2材料yabo88.vip与工程学院贺毅Growth   of PBI2 single crystal by the top seed vertical zone melting method
3材料yabo88.vip与工程学院王剑Gas-Sensing   Devices Based on Zn-Doped NiO Two-Dimensional Grainy Films with Fast Response   and Recovery for Ammonia Molecule Detection
4材料yabo88.vip与工程学院丁士华Dielectric   Properties of Ca Doping a-BZN Ceramics
5材料yabo88.vip与工程学院丁士华Dielectric   Properties of BaTiO3 Ceramics Doped with Al3+C and Nb5+
6材料yabo88.vip与工程学院丁士华Study   of structure and dielectric properties of Bi1.5Zn1+xNb1.5O7+x ceramics
7材料yabo88.vip与工程学院卞军Morphological,   Mechanical and thermal properties of Chemically Bonded Graphene Oxide   Nanocomposites with Biodegradable Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) by Solution   Intercalation
8材料yabo88.vip与工程学院魏晓伟Influence   of surface micro grooving pretreatment on MAO process of aluminum alloy
9先进材料与能源研究中心黄丽宏Recent   progress in half-Heusler thermoelectric materials
10先进材料与能源研究中心黄丽宏Thermal   conductivity reduction by isoelectronic elements V and Ta for partial   substitution of Nb in half-Heusler Nb(1-x)/2V(1-x)/2TaxCoSb
11先进材料与能源研究中心袁乐Galvanic   displacement synthesis of Al/Ni core-shell pigments and their low infrared   emissivity application
12先进材料与能源研究中心张勤勇Thermoelectric   properties of n-type Bi2Te2.7Se0.3 with addition of nano-ZnO: Al particles   
13先进材料与能源研究中心马素德Abrasion   wear behavior of a forged and unforged Fe-B alloy
14先进材料与能源研究中心马素德Wear   resistant high boron cast alloy-a review
15先进材料与能源研究中心马素德Preparation   and characterization of nanoporous polyimide membrane by the template method   as low-k dielectric material
16电气与电子信息学院卢刚Deception   jammer suppression in fractional Fourier transformation domain with random   chirp rate modulation
17电气与电子信息学院王波Secure   Communication Based on a Hyperchaotic System with Disturbances
18电气与电子信息学院阳小明(导师)Gain   enhancement of transmitting antenna incorporated with double-cross-shaped   electromagnetic metamaterial for wireless power transmission
19电气与电子信息学院阳小明(导师)Gain   and directivity enhancement of microstrip antenna loaded with multiple splits   octagon-shaped metamaterial superstrate
20电气与电子信息学院蒋文波Experimental   testing of focusing properties of sub-wavelength photon sieves using exposure   method
21电气与电子信息学院蒋文波Research   on dispersion property of nano-scale photon sieves
22电气与电子信息学院蒋文波Quantum   dots sensitized solar cells
23电气与电子信息学院詹红霞Smart   Grid, IEEE Transactions on
24电气与电子信息学院张力Operation   Optimization of Photovoltaic Enterprises and Micro-grid Agents with the   Objective of Profit Maximization
25电气与电子信息学院雷霞Distribution   network reconfiguration based on parallel genetic membrane computing
26电气与电子信息学院董秀成An   improved SPWM strategy to reduce switching in cascaded multilevel inverters
27电气与电子信息学院王军Membrane   computing model for IIR filter design
28电气与电子信息学院王军A   Fault Diagnosis Method of Power Systems Based on an Improved Adaptive Fuzzy   Spiking Neural P Systems and PSO Algorithms
29机械工程学院钟雯Experimental   Investigation of the Matching Relationship of Different Material Wheel
30机械工程学院王进戈Gait   Planning and Stability Control of A Quadruped Robot
31机械工程学院肖继学Dynamic   rating of a service power cable subject to intermittent loading
32机械工程学院邓星桥Parametric   anlysis of the end face engagement worm gear
34机械工程学院刘清友1963.   Lift force, drag force, and tension response in vortex-induced vibration for   marine risers under shear flow
35机械工程学院刘清友Deep   water drilling riser mechanical behavior analysis considering actual riser   string configuration
36计算机与软件工程学院唐明伟An   adaptive image steganography using AMBTC compression and interpolation   technique
37计算机与软件工程学院唐明伟Reversible   and adaptive image steganographic method
38计算机与软件工程学院唐明伟An   image information hiding using adaptation and radix
39计算机与软件工程学院王晓明Enhanced   algorithm for high-dimensional data classification
40计算机与软件工程学院彭宏An   automatic clustering algorithm inspired by membrane computing
41计算机与软件工程学院彭宏An   extended membrane system with active membrane to solve automatic fuzzy   clustering problems
42计算机与软件工程学院胡金蓉Non-local   MRI denoising using random sampling
43计算机与软件工程学院陈晓亮Confusion   avoidance for discrete event systems by P/E constraints and supervisory   control
44计算机与软件工程学院陈晓亮Confusion   diagnosis and avoidance of discrete event systems using supervisory control
45计算机与软件工程学院曾晟珂Non-interactive   deniable ring signature without random oracles
46经济学院徐雷Sensory   information fusion–based fault diagnostics for complex electronic systems
47理学院陈明军Influence   of Cuprous Oxide on Enhancing the Flame Retardancy and Smoke Suppression of   Epoxy Resins Containing Microencapsulated Ammonium Polyphosphate
48理学院谌晓洪1,3-Diphosphacyclobutadiene   as a ligand in binuclear manganese carbonyl derivatives: Role of the ring   phosphorus atoms
49理学院谌晓洪Binuclear   phospholyl iron carbonyls:The limited role of the phosphorus atom in metal   complexation
50理学院谌晓洪Effect   of metal complexation on the equilibrium between methylphosphepine and   methylphosphanorcaradiene and their benzo analogues
51理学院谌晓洪Ultra-small   Au nanoparticles stabilized by silica hollow nanospheres for styrene   oxidation with oxygen
52理学院迭东Insights   into the structural, electronic and magnetic properties of V-doped copper   clusters: comparison with pure copper clusters
53理学院樊群超Effect   of supersonic molecular beam injection deposition on edge localized mode   mitigation in the HL-2A H-mode plasmas
54理学院樊群超Ligand   conformations and spin states in open metallocenes of the first row   transition metals having U-shaped 2,4-dimethylpentadienyl ligands
55理学院樊群超High-lying   vibrational energies and analytical potential energy functions for some   electronic states of diatomic ions
56理学院冯灏Theoretical   Analysis of the Frequency Jump in E-fishbone Experiments
57理学院黄静Layered   crystalline chiral salen Mn(III) complexes immobilized on organic   polymer-inorganic hybrid zinc phosphonate-phosphate as efficient and reusable   catalysts for the unfunctionalized olefin epoxidation
58理学院黄静Olefin   epoxidation with chiral salen Mn (III) immobilized on ZnPS-PVPA upon   alkyldiamine,
59理学院黄静Effect   of linkers on the performance of ZnPS-BrPPAS supported chiral Mn(III) salen   for the epoxidation of unfunctionalized olefins
60理学院黄静Constraining   asymmetric organometallic catalysts within mesoporous supports ZnPS-BrPPAS   boosts their enantioselectivity
61理学院黄静Asymmetric   epoxidation of unfunctionalized olefinscatalyzed by Jacobsen’s catalyst on alkoxyl-modified zirconium poly   (styrene-phenylvinylphosphonate)- phosphate (ZPS-PVPA)
62理学院黄静Enantioselective   epoxidation of unfunctionalized olefins by
     Jacobsen’s catalyst immobilized on amino-modified ZnPS-PVPA
63理学院黄泽霞Average   sampling numbers of
multivariate periodic function   spaces with a Gaussian measure
64理学院金蓉Binuclear   iron carbonyl complexes of thialene
65理学院李会东Simulations   of the L-H transition dynamics with different heat and particle sources
66理学院李会东Reductive   coupling of carbon monoxide to glycolaldehyde and hydroxypyruvaldehyde   polyanions in binuclear cyclopentadienyl lanthanuim and lutetium derivatives:   analogiesto cyclooctatetraene thorium chemistry
67理学院李会东Recently   Synthesized Dimagnesiabutadiene and the Analogous Dimetalla-Beryllium,   -Calcium, -Strontium, and –Barium Compounds
68理学院李唯一Theoretical   Insights into the Catalytic Mechanism of N-Heterocyclic Olefins in   Carboxylative Cyclization of Propargyl Alcohol with CO2
69理学院李唯一A   mechanistic study on guanidine-catalyzed
     chemical fixation of CO2 with 2-aminobenzonitrile
     to quinazoline-2,4(1H,3H)-dione
70理学院李唯一Theoretical   study of the BINOL-zinc complex-catalyzed asymmetric inverse-electron-demand   imino Diels-Alder reaction: mechanism and stereochemistry
71理学院李曦Existence   result and error bounds for a new class of inverse mixed quasi-variational   inequalities
72理学院李旭东New   construction of Z-complementary pairs
73理学院马梦林Synthesis   and Quantitative Structure-activity
     Relationships Study for Arylpropenamide Derivatives
     as Inhibitors of Hepatitis B Virus Replication
74理学院马再如Decrease   spectral phase modulation with spectral scanning filter for coherent pulse   contrast improvement in femtosecond laser system
75理学院王玉兰Global   existence and boundedness in a Keller–Segel–Stokes system involving   atensor-valued sensitivity with saturation
76理学院王玉兰Boundedness   in a three-dimensional chemotaxis-Stokes
     system with tensor-valued sensitivity
78理学院王周玉Base-Promoted   Cascade Approach for the Preparation of Reduced Knoevenagel Adducts Using   Hantzsch Esters as Reducing Agent in Water
79理学院王周玉The   Continuous Flow Micro-Reaction(连续流微反应)
80理学院徐竞跃Comparative   study of electron motion and stability for different focusing regimes in a   free-electron laser with three
     -dimensional helical wiggler
81理学院徐勇根Property   study of beam generated by Gaussian mirror through the misaligned optical   system with aperture
82理学院徐勇根Comparative   studies of properties of standard and elegant Laguerre-Gaussian beams
83理学院徐勇根Propagation   based on second-order moments for partially coherent Laguerre-Gaussian beams   through atmospheric turbulence
84理学院徐勇根Spreading   and M-2-factor based on second-order moments for partially-coherent anomalous   hollow beam in turbulent atmosphere
85理学院徐勇根Average   intensity and spreading of partially coherent dark hollow beam through the   atmospheric turbulence along a slant path
86理学院徐勇根Comparative   study of propagation properties of partially coherent standard and elegant   Hermite-Gaussian beams in inhomogeneous atmospheric turbulence
87理学院徐勇根Propagation   factors of standard and elegant Laguerre Gaussian beams in non-Kolmogorov   turbulence
88理学院郑本霞Probing   the structural, electronic and magnetic properties of small Au4M (M= Sc-Zn)   clusters
89理学院唐孝荣Synthesis   and antifungal activity evaluation of new heterocycle containing amide   derivatives
90理学院曾义A   DFT Study of Lp…pai/Halogen Bond Competition in Complexes of Perhalogenated   Alkenes with Oxygen/Nitrogen Containing Simple Molecules
91理学院陈建林Bis(methylborole)   sandwich compounds of the first row transition metals
92理学院陈建林bridge   hydrogen atoms versus iron-iron multiple bonding in binuclear borole iron   carbonyls
93能源与动力工程学院张婧The   Quantitative Estimation of the Vulnerability of Brick and Concrete Wall   Impacted by Experimental Boulder
94汽车与交通学院王艳阳Electric   vehicles with in-wheel switched reluctance motors: Coupling effects between   road excitation and the unbalanced radial force
95汽车与交通学院武小花Stochastic   control of smart home energy management with plug-in electric vehicle battery   energy storage and photovoltaic array
96食品yabo88.vip与生物工程学院钱珊An   Efficient Way to Synthesize N-(beta-nitroalkyl) Amides Through RitterReaction
97食品yabo88.vip与生物工程学院钱珊Recent   advances in the development of protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B inhibitors for   Type 2 diabetes
98食品yabo88.vip与生物工程学院钱珊IDO   as a drug target for cancer immunotherapy: recent developments in IDO   inhibitors discovery
99食品yabo88.vip与生物工程学院孙伟峰The   Stability Enhancement of Nitrile Hydratase from Bordetella petrii, by   Swapping the C-terminal Domain of β subunit
100食品yabo88.vip与生物工程学院孙伟峰Successful   expression of the Bordetella petrii, nitrile hydratase activator P14K and the   unnecessary role of Ser115
101食品yabo88.vip与生物工程学院杨潇Maternal   high‐fat diet exposure leads to insulin resistance and impacts myogenic and   adipogenicgene expression in offspring rats
102食品yabo88.vip与生物工程学院吴韬Characterization   of Polyphenols from Lycium ruthenicum Fruit by UPLC-Q-TOF/MSE and Their   Antioxidant Activity in Caco‑2 Cells
103食品yabo88.vip与生物工程学院杨晓静The   dielectric relaxor behaviour of BaTiO3 based ceramics doped with Bi and Mn
104食品yabo88.vip与生物工程学院廖雪梅Highly   stable bimetallic Au-Cu supported on Al2O3 for selective CO oxidation in   H2-rich gas: effects of Cu/Au atomic ratios and sensitive influence of   particle sizes
105食品yabo88.vip与生物工程学院李锐A   systematic determination of polyphenols constituents and cytotoxic ability in   fruit parts of pomegranates derived from five Chinese cultivars
106食品yabo88.vip与生物工程学院邢亚阁Preservation   Mechanism of Chitosan-Based Coating with Cinnamon Oil for Fruits Storage   Based on Sensor Data
107食品yabo88.vip与生物工程学院邢亚阁Effect   of Chitosan Coating with Cinnamon Oil on the Quality and Physiological   Attributes of China Jujube Fruits
108食品yabo88.vip与生物工程学院龚志莲Steroidobacter   flavus sp. Nov., a microcystin-degrading Gammaproteobacterium isolated from   soil
110食品yabo88.vip与生物工程学院刘义Activity   Enhancement Based on the Chemical Equilibrium of Multiple-Subunit Nitrile   Hydratase from Bordetella petrii
111食品yabo88.vip与生物工程学院杨羚羚An   integrated molecular docking and rescoring method for predicting the   sensitivity spectrum of various serine hydrolases to organophosphorus   pesticides
112食品yabo88.vip与生物工程学院李伟丽Rapid   separation of polysaccharides using a novel spiral coil column by high-speed   countercurrent chromatography
113土木建筑与环境学院唐红元Enhancing   Stability of Thin-Walled Short Steel Channel Using CFRP under Eccentric   Compression
114土木建筑与环境学院袁权New   Insight into the Toughening Mechanisms of Seashell: From Arch Shape to   Multilayer Structure
115艺术学院周睿《Visual   experience study on brand image of medical journal based on eye-tracking   technology testing》
116应用技术学院徐全Decentralized   adaptive coupling synchronization of fractional-order complex-variable   dynamical networks

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