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1Comparative study of Gaussian- and uniform-profile models of the equilibrium electron beam in a free-electron lase吉驭嫔2014-11-1Laser Physics物理学1.025
2Misalignment analysis of combination-cylinder discharge CO2 laser徐勇根2014-12-20APPLIED OPTICS物理学1.649
3Theoretical Investigations on the Mechanism of Dual 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition of CO2 with Isocyanides and Alkynes李唯一2014-12-24The Journal of organic chemistry化学4.638
4An improvement method for selecting the best alternative in Decision Making周斌2014-11-20International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems计算机yabo88.vip技术0.451
5Study on a Novel High-Efficiency Bridgeless PFC Converter曹太强2014-11-17Journal of Applied Mathematics动力与电气工程0.8
6A New Approach to Entropy and Similarity Measure of Vague胡丹2014-11-18SCIENTIFIC WORLD JOURNAL计算机yabo88.vip技术1.219
7A series of crystalline organic polymer-inorganic hybrid material zinc-phosphonate-phosphates synthesized in the presence of templates for superior performance catalyst support黄静2014-11-8INORGANIC CHEMISTRY COMMUNICATIONS化学2.041
8A linguistic aggregation operator including weights for linguistic values and experts in group decision making裴峥2014-2-3INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF UNCERTAINTY FUZZINESS AND KNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS数学1
9The framework of P systems applied to solve optimal watermarking problem彭宏2014-4-1Signal Processing计算机yabo88.vip技术2.238
10Integrated System Health Management-based Progressive Diagnosis for Space Avionics徐雷2014-7-21IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems管理学1.394
11Robust Design for Multivariate Quality Characteristics Using Extreme Value Distribution杨昌明2014-10-15JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL DESIGN机械工程1.1675
12Cytotoxic triterpene saponins from Ilex pubescens李玲2014-10-28Journal of Asian Natural Products Research药 学 0.968
13Lateral Vibration Response Analysis on Shaft System of Hydro Turbine Generator Unit赖喜德2014-3-4Advances in Vibration Engineering动力与电气工程0.2
14《Fuzzy sliding mode control design for a class of disturbed systems》王波2014-8-1Journal of the Franklin Institute电子、通信与自动控制技术2.26
15The Effect of MgO on the Structure and Dielectric Properties of α-BZN Ceramics宋天秀2014-10-22Ferroelectrics材料yabo88.vip0.54
16A high capacity image steganography using multi-layer embedding唐明伟2014-9-1International Journal for Light and Electron Optics计算机yabo88.vip技术0.769
17A New System of Multivalued Mixed Variational Inequality Problem李曦2014-4-16Abstract and Applied Analysis数学1.274
18Application of Adaptive Fuzzy Spiking Neural P Systems in Fault Diagnosis Model of Power Systems王军2014-1-10Chinese Journal of Electronics动力与电气工程0.325
19Continuous Turing Machine:Real Function Computability and Iteration Issues陈晓亮2014-9-30Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences计算机yabo88.vip技术1.232
20Controlled growth of conical nickel oxide nanocrystals and their high performance gas sensing devices for ammonia molecule detection王剑2014-8-21Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics材料yabo88.vip4.198
21Echinocystic acid, isolated from Gleditsia sinensis fruit, protects endothelial progenitor cell from damage caused by oxLDL, via Akt/eNOS pathway赖朋2014-11-20Life sciences基础医学2.3
22Improving Vehicle Lateral Stability Based on Variable Stiffness and Damping Suspension System via MR Damper徐延海2014-6-16IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology机械工程2.642
23Effects of hetero atoms in the preferred structures of binuclear cyclopentadienyl manganese carbonyl analogues谌晓洪2014-10-16Inorganic Chemistry Communications化学2.062
24Effects of Defects on Relaxation Behavior of Nd-Doped BCZT Ceramics丁士华2014-8-12Ferroelectrics材料yabo88.vip0.54
25The Structure and Dielectric Properties of Na Doped Bi2O3-ZnO-Nb2O5 Ceramics丁士华2014-9-16Ferroelectrics材料yabo88.vip0.54
26Study of the Photocatalytic Activity of Na and Al-doped ZnO Powders丁士华2014-3-10Ferroelectrics材料yabo88.vip0.54
27Ferroelectric Relaxor Behavior in Co-doped BCZT Ceramic丁士华2014-3-10Ferroelectrics材料yabo88.vip0.54
28Dielectric Properties and Relaxor Behavior of Nd Doping BCZT Ceramics丁士华2014-3-10Ferroelectrics材料yabo88.vip0.54
29Structure and Dielectric Properties of Ba(Ti0.9Zr0.1)O3 Ceramics Doped with Bi丁士华2014-3-3Ferroelectrics材料yabo88.vip0.54
30Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Raddeanin A, a Triterpene Saponin Isolated from Anemone raddeana钱珊2014-8-1CHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL BULLETIN药 学 1.375
31Immobilized chiralMn (III) salen-containing oniumsalt onto ZnPS-PVPA for asymmetric epoxidation of unfunctionalized olefins黄静2014-7-1Inorganic Chemistry Communications化学2.062
32Interaction Between Basal Slip and a Mg17Al12 Precipitate in Magnesium廖敏2014-7-4Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A机械工程1.73
33Bis(methylborabenzene) Sandwich Compounds of the First Row Transition Metals陈建林2014-8-1Journal of Organometallic Chemistry化学2.302
34Processing and Assessment of High-Performance Poly (butylene terephthalate) Nanocomposites Reinforced with Microwave Exfoliated Graphite Oxide Nanosheets.卞军2014-3-1European Polymer Journal材料yabo88.vip3.242
35A topic-specific crawling strategy based on semantics similarity杜亚军2014-10-13Data and Knowledge Engineering计算机yabo88.vip技术1.489
36A novel focused crawler based on cell-like membrane computing optimization algorithm1杜亚军2014-10-7Neurocomputing计算机yabo88.vip技术2.005
37An approach for selecting seed URLs of focused crawler based on user-interest ontology杜亚军2014-10-7Applied Soft Computing Journal计算机yabo88.vip技术2.697
38Study of carbon black oxidation behavior under different heating rates孟忠伟2014-10-24Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry动力与电气工程2.2
39Spoilage and Pathogenic Bacteria Associated with Spoilage Process of Sichuan Pickle during the Spontaneous Fermentation向文良2014-7-9Food Science and Technology Research生物学0.92
40LTCC Microwave Filters Based on BZN Ceramics杨晓静2014-5-8FERROELECTRICS材料yabo88.vip0.562
41Dielectric Properties of Ba(Ti0.9Zr0.1)O-3 Ceramics Co-Doped with Bi and Cu杨晓静2014-9-9FERROELECTRICS材料yabo88.vip0.562
42Tribological properties of Al2O3 nanoparticles as lubricating oil additives魏晓伟2014-1-4Ceramics International材料yabo88.vip2.086
43Catalyst-free chemoselective reduction of thecarbon�carbon double bond in conjugated alkeneswith Hantzsch esters in water王周玉2014-3-1RSC Advances化学3.708
44Tribology properties of Al2O3/TiO2 nanocomposites as lubricant additives魏晓伟2014-8-10Ceramics International材料yabo88.vip2.086
45Dinickelametallocenes: Sandwich Compounds of the First-Row Transition Metals (M = Fe, Co, Ni) with Two Pentahapto Planar Nickelacycle Ligands曾义2014-10-8Organometallics化学4.253
46Kinetic behaviour of Zinc in fly ash melting separation process魏春梅2014-3-1Asian Journal of Chemistry环境yabo88.vip技术0.2
48Flyover Compounds and Bridging Bent Benzene Derivatives as Intermediates in the Cobalt Carbonyl Cyclotrimerization of Alkynes冯灏2014-9-30Organometallics化学4.253
49UWB signal receiver with sub-Nyquist rate sampling based on compressed sensing庄晓燕2014-3-1COMPEL:The International Journal for Computation and Mathematics in Electrical and Electronic Engineering电子、通信与自动控制技术0.44
50Characteristic study of anomalous vortex beam through a paraxial optical system徐勇根2014-11-15Optics Communications物理学1.542
51Theoretical study on phase-locking of a radial array CO2 laser徐勇根2014-11-15Optics Communication物理学1.542
52Glass polishing with bound-abrasive vibrating polishing tools付尧春2014-1-22JOURNAL OF OPTOELECTRONICS AND ADVANCED MATERIALS材料yabo88.vip0.563
53A binuclear trimethylenemethane cobalt carbonyl providing the first example of a low-energy perpendicular structure with acyclic hydrocarbon ligands曾义2014-9-26New.J.Chem化学3.159
54Effect of normalized plasma frequency on electron phase-space orbits in a free-electron laser吉驭嫔2014-2-1Chinese Physics B物理学1.392
55Research on Optimized Control Model of Freeway Based on Dynamic Traffic Demand Estimation江竹2014-3-1Advances in Mechanical Engineering信息yabo88.vip与系统yabo88.vip0.5
56Hidden physics in molecular rovibrational spectrum孙卫国2014-11-11SPECTROCHIMICA ACTA PART A-MOLECULAR AND BIOMOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPY物理学2.129
57Mechanism of N-heterocyclic carbene-catalyzed chemical fixation of CO2 with aziridines: a theoretical study李唯一2014-6-1RSC ADVANCES化学3.708
58Studies on the analytical curves of diatomic molecules using algebraic and energy-consistent method樊群超2014-2-12ACTA PHYSICA SINICA物理学0.845
59Scale Model for the Confluent Area of Debris Flow and Main River: A Case Study of Wenjia Gully张婧2014-2-24natural hazards and earth system sciences水利工程1.826
60Metal chains versus metal triangles in trinuclear trimethylenemethane iron carbonyls related to Fe3(CO)12樊群超2014-4-10POLYHEDRON物理学2.047
61The Li•••HF van der Waals minimum and the barrier to the deep HF�Li potential well樊群超2014-3-19MOLECULAR PHYSICS物理学1.642
62Analytical potential curves of some hydride molecules using algebraic and energy-consistent method樊群超2014-1-22EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL D物理学1.398
63Bacterial diversity in the fermented yellow water from the traditional Chinese liquor fermentation process张庆2014-9-16Research Journal of Biotechnology生物学0.26
64Covariance-Based Barrage Jammer Nulling Filter for Surveillance Radar卢刚2014-4-1IEICE TRANSACTIONS ON COMMUNICATIONS电子、通信与自动控制技术0.326
65Iron-iron bonding versus iron-phosphorus bonding in binuclear diphosphacyclobutadiene iron carbonyl complexes谌晓洪2014-9-1POLYHEDRON化学2.047
66The diversity of structural features in binuclear cyclobutadiene manganese carbonyls: Relationship to homoleptic manganese carbonyls and cyclopentadienyl chromium carbonyls谌晓洪2014-9-1POLYHEDRON化学2.047
67Diverse bonding modes of the pentalene ligand in binuclear cobalt carbonyl complexes谌晓洪2014-9-1INORGANICA CHIMICA ACTA化学2.041
69Density Functional Study on the Structural, Electronic, and Magnetic Properties of 3d Transition-Metal-Doped Au5 Clusters郑本霞2014-7-16JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A物理学2.775
70Effect of porous starch concentrations on the microbiological characteristics of microencapsulated Lactobacillus acidophilus邢亚阁2014-7-1Food & Function食品yabo88.vip技术2.907
71The Energetics of Forming a Diiron Pentacarbonyl Complex of Indene: Stabilization of a High-Energy Tautomer金蓉2014-3-18Organometallics物理学4.253
72The Rigidity of the Central C4Fe2 Unit in Binuclear Ferrole Iron Carbonyl Derivatives upon Decarbonylation曾义2014-8-8Polyhedron化学2.047
73Tuning Effects for Some Cyclic Aromatic Carbenes Bearing Remote Amino Groups曾义2014-6-10J. Org. Chem.化学4.638
76First-Row Transition Metals in Binuclear Cyclopentadienylmetal Derivatives of Tetramethyleneethane: η3,η3 versus η4,η4 Ligand−Metal Bonding Related to Spin State and Metal−Metal Bonds李会东2014-8-1Organometallics物理学4.253
77Adaptive control of uncertain nonlinear teleoperation Systems刘霞2014-2-18Mechatronics电子、通信与自动控制技术2
78String exponential stability with mode constraint of stochastic vehicle following systems徐晓惠2014-3-25ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control力学1.039
79Stability of infinite dimensional interconnected systems with impulsive and stochastic disturbances徐晓惠2014-9-17Abstract and Applied Analysis力学1.274
80Exponential stability of complex-valued neural networks with mixed delays徐晓惠2014-9-17Neurocomputing计算机yabo88.vip技术1.42
81Sine hollow beam and its propagation property徐勇根2014-8-1Optik物理学0.769
82Research on propagation characteristic of radial array beams generated by radial array laser through misalignment optical system徐勇根2014-7-1Optics & Laser Technology物理学1.649
83Phase-locking of combination-cylinder discharge CO2 laser徐勇根2014-5-20Optics Communications物理学1.542
84Influence of Cr Content on Electronic Structures and Electromagnetic Properties of FeSiCr Powders周廷栋2014-4-8Rare Metal Materials and Engineering材料yabo88.vip0.8
85Microstructures of TC21 alloys after hydrogenation and dehydrogenation王小丽2014-4-1Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Soiety of China材料yabo88.vip0.9
86A robust digital predistortion algorithm for power amplifiers卜云2014-5-12IEICE Electronic Express电子、通信与自动控制技术0.268
87Kinetic study methyl orange wastewater degradation of catalytic wet air oxidation by Fe-Co activated carbon谷晋川2014-3-3Asian Journal of Chemistry环境yabo88.vip技术0.25
88Reliability analysis of spherical function generating mechanisms张均富2014-9-30Journal of Advanced Mechanical Design Systems and Manufacturing机械工程0.279
89Nano/Mesoporous Polymers Based Low-k Dielectric Materials: A Review on Methods and Advances马素德2014-3-15Advance in Polymer Technology材料yabo88.vip2.147
90A High-Accuracy Linear Conservative Difference Scheme for Rosenau-RLW Equation胡劲松2014-4-25Mathematical Problems in Engineering数学1.383
91Geometries, stabilities, and magnetic properties of AunTi (n=1-9) clusters: A density functional study迭东2014-1-7Computational and Theoretical Chemistry物理学1.368
92The structure and thermal properties of novel DOPO-containing 1,3-benzoxazines刘治国2014-3-31Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry化学2.206
93Compositional effect of zirconium on structural,electronical, elastic and thermodynamic properties of PbTi(1x)ZrxO3陈海川2014-1-27Superlattices and Microstructures物理学1.979
94Effects of polarity on the friction and wear of collector shoes deployed in a metro traction system董霖2014-5-30PROCEEDINGS OF THE INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS PART F JOURNALOF RAIL AND RAPID TRANSIT机械工程0.573

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